About Us

Izoduuwa /noun/ is derived from the language of the Benin people, translating to “Road To Wealth”. The Lagos-based brand, created by Omoruyi Aigbovbiosa is inspired by his organic and purely African roots. The SS22 Collection, Osaro is dedicated to his late mother and is reminiscent of beautiful pieces she created during his childhood. Taking after his mother’s creativity, the Osaro collection pays homage to his childhood, spurred by ideals that designs are an escape from this harsh reality, which views the process of styling as a solace for the creative. creating beautifully simplistic, yet authentic designs, using eccentrically handcrafted and sourced materials indigenous to Africa.

At Izoduwwa, our fashion pieces are integrally predicated on Afrocentrism. With our eccentric fabrics handcrafted and outsourced in Africa, we remain true to our identity and culture. Our pieces are immersed with elite storytelling elements of cross-border creativity— projecting our optimal expressionism; in the hope that our brazen style inspires others to express and dress how they feel. We wish that they value and appreciate what we feel. What we make; What we sell; Who we are.

The brand aims to uphold individuality and uphold creative direction, whilst maintaining relative affordability. Our designs are made to last and provide a never-before-seen perspective guaranteed to make you fall in love with the African identity more. Grow with Afro.


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