About Us

Inspired by the rich, artistic culture of the ancient Bini kingdom, Izoduuwa takes the modern African gentleman on a journey of simplicity, creativity and discovery of self.

Izoduuwa which means “road to wealth” is a celebration of the modern African man stepping into himself and away from limitations and notions that inhibit his growth.

According to the creative director Chief Omoruyi, “It is a reminder that the most valuable riches lie within us and as simple as it sounds, we are all we need to achieve the life we want.”

For the “IREDIA” collection Izoduuwa focuses on details that convey pride in its Bini-African roots. The use of strong earth tones are reminiscent of  bronze and terracotta, animal prints and neutral tones convey boldness and longevity.

With shirt structures somewhat comparable to the traditional kaftan and a fabric selection of cotton, linen and silk, the collection is both stylish and functional. The “IREDIA” collection is crafted for durability, breathability and a sense of understated elegance ensuring it lives up to its name which means “here to stay”.