About Us

IZODUUWA is a Nigerian indigenous brand inspired by our passion for fashion, art and culture. IZODUUWA aims to build a community that connects and empowers people through fashion, whether you live in Africa or in diaspora. When people identify with the name IZODUUWA, we hope they connect with the foundation of the name and its origin. We take pride in EQUALITY and also recognize that fashion is a freedom of expression. Hence, the reason we create and produce every design with the purest of love for all people.

At IZODUUWA, all items are designed and produced in Nigeria. We also design our amazing pieces in a way that everyone can imagine themselves confidently in. To understand our creative direction as we continually evolve, it is pivotal to have a knowledge of the visual representation of our brand. Our inspirations come from being a black owned African brand, our minds and continuous research. We strongly believe by empowering our team with the right mindset, skillset and other imperative tool, we can add value to the growth of “Black Economics” through fashion merchandising and content creating. Sustaining our brand solely depends on your patronage, we hope to accomplish our vision with you by our side.